H is for Harmony… Spirituality A to Z

I love vocal harmonies…good harmonies…the ones where the notes are sung so perfectly, so precisely, that it sounds like one voice instead of the work of three or four or more singers. I know a little something about such efforts, having been part of amateur choirs and small singing groups throughout the years. It takes dedication, effort, commitment, and repeated practice for the final presentation to sound like it just sails on the wind… the notes floating in and out of the song in synchronistic rhythms with a life of their own.

Spiritual Harmony is that synchronistic rhythm of Life. This type of all-pervading Harmony has within itself a balance and communicHarmony_violinMusication with all aspects of nature, thinking… Life. It’s a kind of invisible guidance system of Creation that allows aspects of Life to work together, coordinate, and flow in the ways intended.

Imagine (just for a moment) the problems that would result if you were in charge of determining the beat of your heart. Let’s say, beginning at age of 18 or 21, the continued operation of that one organ became dependent on YOUR focus and attention… at all times… for the rest of your life. How long do you think you’d be around? How much else would you really be able to accomplish given the all-encompassing nature of this primary responsibility?

Fortunately for all of humankind there’s a Divine Intelligence that takes care of not only this one little matter in our lives, but all other situations, concerns, challenges, and creative endeavors, where Harmony is of primary importance. I, for one, am extremely grateful for the freedom this provides my life.

I don’t have to think of my heartbeat, my blood-flow, my organ functions, digesting my food, eliminating excess or toxins from my system, etc. I don’t worry about whether the sun is going to shine, the planets are making their rotation, the seasons are going to change, or a baby knows how to grow from an egg to adult…human or animal. I also don’t need to be intimately concerned (or controlling) about what other people are doing, the long-term state of our economy, or government disagreements. All of these events unfold in their own perfect timing, in Harmony within themselves, as they need to… and most of the time, in Harmony with what’s going on around them, if we just look to see how synchronistic everything really is. Usually, we can see this very clearly when we look back years later.

Harmony is like breathing…a give and take…a cooperative effort. It’s the flow of Life. You can try to stop it – hold your breath – butHarmony_zenGardenPath eventually you will surrender because Principle is more powerful than you are. The longer you obstruct it or get in the way, the more you will experience less-than desirable effects. However, when you’re in that flow, that blissful place of perfect unfoldment, the power of God takes hold and life and circumstances come about with no conscious effort or decisions on your part – like a heartbeat.

Spiritual Harmony is a beautiful thing to behold and experience. Things work out… eventually… for the Highest Good of all. It takes faith and trust on our part to get our “bloated nothingness” [Emerson] out of the way and allow, accept, or even welcome Divine Harmony to express in our lives. We can set in motion an intention of our own creation, do our part, and then let go to see how Spirit [God] works to create our desire.

Frankly, Spirit has a better track record with Harmony and this whole creation process than I ever will. So I’ll take care of what’s mine to do, sing my part, and let the “Conductor” run the performance of my life. And so it is.