Published titles include:

Shadow of a Gypsy  (June 2022)  is the story told by Loralyne to her new therapist about the abuses and trauma she endured during her first marriage at the hands of her handsome husband… and then again a few years after the divorce… when their son conspires with his father in a plan of revenge and payback. Loralyne must prove her innocence… and live to tell about it. Throughout the tale she must decide between sharing her love, protecting her son, or saving her life.

Similar to those involved in the #MeToo movement, many young women of the 1970s through the 1980s faced unspeakable challenges in their marriages — those created by dominating relationships of a previous age, and those imposed by society. In this story, Loralyne tells how she overcame or failed in those challenges. She confesses to her indiscretions and weaknesses, and shares her joys and passions that helped her survive and thrive in a new era.

The author takes pieces from her own life and weaves them with common themes shared by other victims of domestic violence… to create a tale that moves the reader through a range of emotions, including scenes of domestic brutalities, failures, love, and eventual healing and successes. Like the symbolism of the Raven, transformation is the result of going from destruction and chaos to rebirth and a new way of being. Come along with Loralyne as she transforms her life and transcends the past.

Available as a Kindle eBook, paperback, and hardcover (prices vary). Adult/Literary Fiction. Available on

The House that Dad Built” (a memoir) has been published (July 2020) and is available on… for only $9.20 + s/h.  — A young boy, separated at three years old from his eight siblings and their widowed father during the Great Depression, is placed first in a foster home and then later in a Midwest orphanage. Decades later the boy, now an elderly man, sends a handwritten journal to his eldest daughter. In it are stories of loneliness and fun, tales of mischief, and lessons learned on the road to his success as an adult. He shares how he survived until he could finally go home again… if only for a short while. Travel this family story through the heart of a child as he shares his most treasured secrets. A bygone era brought to life with humor and raw honesty. Also included is a 1969 account of his biggest passion, hunting wild game in Canada. Years after leaving the orphanage, the young man puts his skills to the test in the wilds of the forest and rivers up north. It is survival of another kind, but one he is prepared to face.


In Search of the Mystic Fisherman” – is now available at The chapter book, written for middle grade children ages 8-12, revolves around ten-year-old Toby and his slightly older sister, Stephanie, who are sent to their aunt’s and uncle’s Colorado home for the summer in 1986. It’s supposed to be a fun time. It would be for Toby if it didn’t feel like someone – or something – was watching him every time he went off by himself to have a little fun.

The consequences could be dire for Toby. Maybe even dangerous! Will Toby follow the rules? Or will the Mystic Fisherman claim another victim? Follow Toby on his adventures as he tries to stay away from the long-reaching shadows of the Mystic Fisherman in the mountains of Colorado.



“Funeral Planning Workbook” is to help implement your final wishes after you’re deceased. It is not designed to be a Will or Medical Directive, but to help designated family members and/or friends find important documents, coordinate the ideas you establish (in writing) for your memorial service, and implement any other plans you expect to be honored by your family and friends. It’s never too soon to record your ideas and plans. What a gift to your family!

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“My  Friend, The Bear” (featuring Terrie the Turtle) – an illustrated and rhyming adventure story; currently available for purchase through

Terrie the Turtle shares adventures with friends and provides insight into valuable life lessons through a poetic telling of the tale.




To stay inspired to write, Carla regularly attends local writing critique groups and workshops… and keeps moving forward on numerous projects. Be sure to come back to this page to see the latest book releases.


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