New Thought Resources

You will find below various links and lists of websites, books or companies that have helped build Dr. Carla’s churches and study groups. It is also a way to stay connected to the independent, world-wide New Thought community.

Education Organizations & Programs

New Thought organizations that can help guide the learning and growth of your study group, church, or for the sole practitioner. (Emerson Theological Institute) – Offers Bachelor, Masters, and Doctoral degrees in Religious Studies and other New Thought programs. Earned college credit (and sometimes spiritually-related work or life experiences) is evaluated for acceptance by its Board of Regents. Distant learning options available (accredited courses). Part of the ANTN organization. Licensed Practitioner and Ministerial credentials are held through Emerson New Thought Church (ENTC-church without walls). Explore website for complete information, including online catalog and degree requirements. (One Spirit Learning Alliance, New York) – “We offer experiential interfaith and interspiritual education and professional training to support personal transformation and prepare spiritual leaders.” Registered/approved students can take entire ministerial programs or individual courses. Many offered online and for a reasonable tuition. (Science of Mind Archives) – an actual place you can visit (appointment recommended) in Golden, Colorado. Contains furnishings, books, writings, curriculum, and MANY historical pieces from Ernest Holmes, founder of Religious Science, and other authors and teachers of the early 20th century. A terrific field trip to explore the roots of Science of Mind. If you’re a history buff or this will be your only visit, plan to stay several hours. (Gaia) – for “conscious media” including movies, talks, documentaries, and other educational or speaking series and authors. Subscription fee applies.

Music & Musicians

Here is where we will place links to websites for musicians in the New Thought circle, or those who may be willing to share their inspiring gifts of song with churches and study groups or for special events.

“Universally uplifting and inspiring…. Jan Garrett & JD Martin defy borders and categories, embracing and celebrating all spiritual traditions and philosophical perspectives centered in the heart.  The songs are deep and moving, fiery and funny, a feast of musical endorphins, lyrical depth, luscious vocal harmonies, and melodies that soar. Rich and intelligent….Music to open the heart and refresh the spirit…A velvet-hammer wake-up call as satisfying to the soul as it is to the ear. Garrett & Martin’s music is a soulful ride through light and shadow, reminding us that wherever we go, we’re already home.” (POSI Music Awards) – “emPowering humanity through music, writing and the spoken word.” Discover musicians, authors and more who write and sing positive, uplifting songs and words. Search for names of popular New Thought musicians and then: find them on YouTube, buy their CDs, visit their websites, invite them to your church or group. Remember: these are PROFESSIONAL musicians. They deserve to be paid a respectable fee for their performances and are usually very generous with their time when they visit to perform. There is also information here about royalties and other music-related copyright details to consider.

Guiding Organizations (Affiliated New Thought Network) – More than 25 years old, this organization guides and supports independent churches and ministries through mentoring ministers, conferences/workshops, and an active online community. (Emerson New Thought Center – church without walls) – Ministers, practitioners and other graduates who want to serve their communities but do not have a church, may work through ENTC doing community outreach.  New Thought Affiliates (ministers and practitioners)  are certified through ENTC. This can be particularly helpful to those who want to have a hospital or prison ministry. It also will assist those whose ministry involves activities such as giving seminars or traveling to various centers to give seminars or classes. (Association for Global New Thought) – “co-founded in 1996 to represent the leading edge of the New Thought lineage. Its constituent member churches and centers (700-800 in network) among Unity, Religious Science, and nondenominational New Thought spiritual communities are called forth by a deep commitment to bring the principles and practices of co-creation to a sacred and troubled world.” Focus is on spiritually guided activism. (International New Thought Alliance) – “The International New Thought Alliance is a global organization dedicated to the spiritual enlightenment and transformation of the individual and the world since 1914. Its purpose is to promote cooperation, provide a basis for common effort of the various units of the New Thought world, promote those activities that cannot of their very nature be accomplished by each group or individual alone, disseminate and publish the good news of New Thought, and build a spiritual fellowship that will secure the respect of all human beings.” (Parliament of World Religions) – “The Parliament of the World’s Religions was created to cultivate harmony among the world’s religious and spiritual communities and foster their engagement with the world and its guiding institutions in order to achieve a just, peaceful and sustainable world. To accomplish this, we invite individuals and communities who are equally invested in attaining this goal.” Conferences are held regularly around the world. Headquarters is in Chicago, IL. New Thought was formally recognized as a world religion by the Parliament in 2009 at the Melbourne, Australia conference. (Divine Science Federation) – The teaching of Divine Science is just as true today as it was over a hundred years ago when the founders had their realization of the Omnipresence of God and healing. The foundation teaching of Divine Science is based upon the universal principle of God as limitless Being, that is equally present everywhere. That means this living presence of God is expressing in, through, and as you, me, and everyone everywhere. This Divine Presence is before it is visibly manifested in our world, meaning our world is of the same Divine Substance or Spirit of God. Therefore we live in a spiritual world, based upon spiritual law which supersedes physical law.

Books & Other Resources

New Thought materials that can supplement the learning and growth of your study group or church. The list will grow! Check back regularly. (SOM magazine) – for subscribing to the Science of Mind monthly magazine (online or in print). Costs vary. Includes daily inspirational readings. (Hay House) – a seemingly unlimited supply of uplifting books and products by contemporary authors and positive thinkers. Become a member. Subscribe to the newsletter. Order a book. The options are varied and many. Enjoy! (Sounds True) – We have created the world’s largest living library of transformational teachings that support and accelerate spiritual awakening and personal transformation. We make this living library available on multiple media platforms and in multiple languages for people of today and for future generations. We partner with the leading spiritual teachers on the planet to make their teachings accessible through books, audio programs, online learning experiences, and in-person events. We bring people together to connect and accelerate the journey of personal growth and awakening. Sounds True provides a trustworthy and safe online home for spiritual explorers, where you can show up with authenticity and meet others on the path. We warmly welcome beginners while remaining true to the depth and challenges of the spiritual journey. We create shifts in consciousness that unlock our greatest human capacities to love and serve.


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