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First Novel Published

June 8, 2022:  After years of writing and editing, author C. M. Ryan has released her first adult novel of literary fiction. The story centers on the main character (Loralyne) as she shares with her therapist scenes of domestic abuse and violence in her life, resulting in PTSD symptoms that she can no longer deal with on her own. As the story unwinds, the reader is provided with an inside view of trauma often experienced by women throughout the world and at the hands of those closest to them.

The author takes pieces from her own life and weaves them with common themes shared by other victims of domestic violence… to create a tale that moves the reader through a range of emotions, including scenes of domestic brutalities, failures, love, and eventual healing and successes. Ryan also provides a number of resources for healing from various forms of abuse.

Come along with “Loralyne” as she transforms her life and transcends the past. It’s never too late to save yourself. The novel is available in three formats on

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Dr. Carla Joins GVIN Leadership

May 2019/2020/2021:  Interfaith Education Services llc (formerly New Thought Colorado) is happy to announce that Rev. Dr. Carla Ryan was recently RE-elected as chair of the Grand Valley Interfaith Network (GVIN) for the 2020/2021 term. Other officers are: Dave Edwards, Vice President; Kellene Mortensen, Secretary; Joan Brighton, Treasurer.

Dr. Carla is credentialed as an Interfaith Minister, as well as being an ordained minister of Religious Science (New Thought). She believes her interest in many faiths and her experience as a church minister (of two separate congregations) will continue to provide GVIN with a welcoming atmosphere for its growing membership.

GVIN will continue its annual projects, such as two food drives for a variety of local groups (spring and fall), Interfaith Awareness Week in early August, and its well-attended “ThanksGVIN” celebration in November. GVIN will also be participating in upcoming local events to highlight its primary purpose of encouraging positive communication, collaboration, and cooperation between the faith communities of the Grand Valley.

To learn more about GVIN, visit this website:

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Emerson Theological Institute Approves Course

March 2019:  A new class created by Rev. Dr. Carla Ryan has been accepted by Emerson Theological Institute for their Distance Learning program. Here are the details:

“New Thought Re-Imagined” (PS 432) 3 units.  Based on the book “One Simple Idea” by Mitch Horowitz

This course will penetrate your psyche, pour itself deep into your soul, and liberate your ideas. It provides a contemporary and human perspective into the history of New Thought and its founders (early philosophers), and will likely cause you to rethink how you interpret New Thought as a whole.

Here’s the link to the site/page:

Explore this site to find out how to register and sign up for this self-paced, accredited course… or contact Dr. Carla if you want more information about taking it locally.

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