B is for Belief… Spirituality A to Z

For the next few writings, I will focus on one word or phrase of spiritual significance and offer a New Thought perspective on the topic…from A to Z. If you have any particular words or phrases you would like to offer for a topic, feel free to send them to my church email address:   [email protected].

B is for Belief and closely follows the “A = Ask” idea offered in the previous writing. Belief or Faith can come in a second of recognition or result from experiences over time.

One of the key questions in life is to ask yourself:  What do I believe or where do I place my faith?

We can believe in people, facts, opinions, philosophies or principles – whether that principle is physical, universal or religious. The options are varied and subject to change throughout our lives. Perhaps that is why it is a good idea to examine your beliefs from time to time; they change. Yet, your beliefs create your experiences and your life.

To begin this topic, take a look at two Biblical references where Jesus states that what has been done is due to a person’s belief (Matt. 8:13 and Matt. 9:29). I’ve often paraphrased these writings by saying, “It is done unto you as you believe.” Frankly, I believe and know this to be true. It’s very similar to a Science of Mind (SOM) statement often taught in classes: “What you focus on grows!” Where you put your attention, will increase or grow – whether in importance or substance. It HAS to!

Let me give you a simple example. For most of my adult female life I’ve wanted to experience having long and beautiful fingernails – my own, not the plastic or artificial variety. Yet, my patience usually ran out before the nails could grow…or …the type of activities I was doing would damage what was there… or…my diet was poor and they split and peeled and broke… or …I gnawed them into oblivion …up until now.

19608359-beautiful-womans-hand-with-perfect-nail-french-manicureFinally, after decades of sporadic consciousness and limited attention, everything is in alignment when it comes to my fingernails. I’m eating properly and taking added calcium. I’m cautious about projects that require “heavy lifting” or can be rough on my hands. I’m no longer in a profession where short nails are required. My stress is handled differently than chewing on my appendages. And I pay regular attention to their care, maintenance and beauty. My focus on this one aspect of my physical beingness has allowed my body to produce a desired intention. I believe I can grow fingernails long and strong. I KNOW I can!

The same kind of attention – placed on ANY desired intention – will also produce its own results as long as the attention and focus is there until it manifests into being. Ernest Holmes taught Practitioners to “treat until we get results” (SOM prayer work is referred to as spiritual mind treatment). The recommendation is to pray/treat daily for what you choose to create in your life…and then release that prayer so the Universal Law or God can go to work on your request to bring it into experience. It can be about Love, Abundance, Wellness, Joy, Peace, etc. – unlimited possibilities abound.

Whatever you can focus on, whatever you believe you can do in your life, have faith about it …until it comes into manifestation…until it comes into your experience. Wayne Dyer said: “Believe it and you will see it!” Too often we give up on ourselves for the Good that we desire and start complaining and worrying so much that we end up creating those exact worries and fears instead. So, I ask again, What do you believe?

“Your beliefs become your thoughts. Your thoughts become your words. Your words become your actions. Your actions become your habits. Your habits become your values. Your values become your destiny.” -M.K. Gandhi

I know…I believe…that wherever and whatever I put my focus on in a consistent and earnest manner, with a focus to experience Good, must eventually manifest in my life. No doubt in my mind, my heart or my prayers. And I’ve got the fingernails to prove it!