In the Company of Spirit

My meditation practice has been sporadic and undisciplined for much longer than I’d ever intended or cared to admit. I truly love the benefits of regular meditation. I get lost in the bliss and solitude, making it difficult to return to the physical world. Therein lies my desire: to be in meditation within the active realm of life.

Fortunately, I’ve been introduced to many methods of meditation. In fact I teach my students from this resource of awareness and practices, and am fully open to learning more, to experiencing more. A recent trip to a local sanctuary allowed me to guide a class through a number of different meditative practices, and then turn them loose to create their own experiences while I was free to delve into my favorites. It was a lovely afternoon of peace, serenity and new understandings for all.

The day’s favorite for me was walking the labyrinth…a beautiful classic design forged in rocks and boulders amidst trees and shrubs – both within the paths and surrounding the circle. Very mindfully, and quite alone, I slowly travelled the walkways laid out before me. I carried a flower, symbolically a gift to Spirit for the privilege of being there.

As I pondered my purpose and intention of the walk, head down but eyes open so as to avoid stumbling over tree roots or odd-shaped boulders, I heard someone’s step near the outside edge of the labyrinth. “Someone just passing by,” I thought casually and returned my focus to my intention and solitary walking. Within a couple of minutes and from another part of the meditation circle, again I heard someone stepping near the edge of the labyrinth. This time I looked up to see who was there.

No one. At least no human form was nearby or even within view of where I was standing, now paused in the dappling sunlight and the warm breeze. Then I heard it…a clear message from that eternal voice, which said, “I’m walking with you; you’re never alone.”

In that moment – a microsecond of time – I could feel Life smiling at me. And I smiled back.

Funny, I hadn’t thought about feeling lonely. The day, the week, had been filled with activities that included many people. While I had been serving in various capacities, I had also felt served by others. Then I realized the significance of this message…Spirit, God, is with us always, even when we’re feeling exceptionally good. Often we seek out our Spiritual connection when challenges are pressing us down to our knees; we call out for help through prayer and find comfort to make it through. We don’t have to wait that long.

We can feel that connection when things are going well and easy, too. We can offer prayers of gratitude for all the Good in our lives and more yet to come. In that moment of peaceful awareness in the midst of the labyrinth, I was once more assured of my relationship to the Divine…and all the Love and Serenity that are mine – any time I accept it…when I’m open to it.

That’s the purpose of meditation for me – to be more open to the Divine. So now I’m ready for greater discipline…to significantly and joyously deepen my practice. It’s time for another walk with Spirit. See you later.