Intention. Attention. Anticipation. Success.

The weeks leading up to the Christmas holiday season are filled with anticipation on many levels. Children write letters or lists for Santa and parents. Adults shop, bake or arrange outings. Friends and family travel or prepare for guests to arrive. Then, the New Year follows close behind and brings its own forms of anticipation. Whether there are special parties to attend or to host, resolutions to concentrate on, or decorations and packages to store away, many of us breathe a sigh of relief as the old year comes to an end and the new one begins. A fresh start.

We ask ourselves, “what next?” and prepare for change. This expectancy can be a feeling of welcome and excitement or one of fear and dread. We wonder what the new year will bring, because we recognize that with passing time, we WILL change. Life will provide a challenge to stimulate our learning. We will have another birthday. We might notice a change in our energy level, health or hair color (more gray?). Our children will grow. Friends move to and fro. People die. Babies are born. Everyone will become more knowledgeable in some way as we face change in life. The preference is to choose the desired change (or your response to it) rather than to sit idly by, waiting for whatever might befall you.

Anticipation often includes a feeling of hope or something you look forward to. Intention has to do with having a purpose in mind, an aim that guides your actions, to set a plan in motion (one that has certain objectives). Clear intentions are generally followed with the anticipation of success. However, anticipation alone, without any set intention in mind…while you might feel good for a time…soon fizzles in the fog.  Success in achieving your goals and objectives increases substantially when your intentions are determined first, aligned with your prayers and practical applications (attention), and energized with anticipation.

Anticipation requires active intention (a form of participation) to see the manifestation of the desire. True, something could manifest the way you anticipate without your having to physically do anything toward its creation. The act of anticipating, of focusing your mental energy on the desired outcome…and certainly a lesser form of attention than if you get physically involved in the creation process, such as pick up a hammer, write a goal statement, take a class, etc… could result in something being created, but in what form? 

To create what you truly desire, to bring something into existence (manifestation), requires: 1)  intention; 2) attention; and 3) anticipation, all working together to create the ultimate form – whether that form is a new job, a piece of art, creating a home, developing a relationship, writing an article, or experiencing a more positive attitude and new year.

Anticipation alone? Well, that’s like waiting for Santa to show up and bring you the one present you’ve always secretly wanted, but have never even put on your list; there’s bound to be disappointment. But add intention and attention to the equation of creating the life you envision, and some degree of success will always occur, if only that you learn from mistakes to improve your choices, grow awareness, or sharpen your clarity. Pray…and then do your part. Treat…and move your feet.

Intention. Attention. Anticipation. Success. Happy New Year!