Faith and Belief

“If there’s one person who can do anything, it’s you!” said my son’s fiancé as we shared morning coffee during an unexpected day off for both of us. I needed to hear it. For a moment I borrowed her Faith and Belief in me to support my own wavering confidence. Where had Belief in myself gone? Does it ever really leave a person – or – just get pushed down and covered up by doubt and fear?

In the Science of Mind philosophy, “Belief” is defined as “conviction or feeling of the truth of a proposition or condition…Belief may go no farther than intellectual assent while Faith embodies a trust and confidence.” (SOM Textbook/Glossary, p.577) Given this definition, I looked up Faith a few pages away. It states “Faith is a mental attitude, so inwardly embodied that the mind can no longer deny it…” (SOM, p.591)

They work hand-in-hand. So I interpret it this way:  Belief in yourself, in your goals, or an expanded life vision, is a conscious act of affirmative thinking that, held in Mind long enough, grows into a Faith to sustain the activities until achievement is finally realized.

Based on my own experience, I know Belief can waiver in its intensity. It’s like a seed that needs the proper soil, sun, water and tending to fully develop into a healthy plant. The care continues. The plant (Belief) grows stronger until it can stand on its own with little conscious tending. The energy behind its growth is no longer totally dependent on daily nurturing. It takes on a life of its own, a strength and confidence (Faith) that it will mature, blossom and produce its fruit. That is what it was created for; that is all it can or will do.

How much simpler would our lives be if we could hold in mind what our purpose is long enough for it to manifest into form? If we could hold the Belief until it grew into Faith so that the fruit of our efforts could be born? Some do. Some do not. Often our brilliant ideas are abandoned and left to die for lack of nurturing. Our Belief is choked out by the weeds of doubt and fear and judgment and criticism. We can remove those weeds with prayer, persistence, courage and trust. A little attention each day to our vision, our idea, can keep it growing until it’s either evident that a better idea is taking its place – or – until Faith steps up with the energy to carry it through to its success.

There are a number of ways to bring your mind from doubt to Belief to Faith. Today, it was simply believing in the Belief someone else had for me, long enough to pull up some negative thoughts and get on with nurturing my life. What you focus on does grow!