The Story Behind the Funeral Planning Workbook

The Inspiration

The man with the smiling face is (was) the author’s father. He passed away in August 2017. His passing was the initial inspiration for the Funeral Planning Workbook.

A couple of years prior to his death, Carla visited with him and he shared a short list of things he wanted to have take place after his passing… his final arrangements. He had maintained a small life insurance policy that would easily pay for these arrangements.

Sadly, due to the geographical distance, his rapid decline of health, and an unexpected change to his power of attorney documents, his verbal intentions were not carried out. He had never written down any of his final wishes and someone else was now in charge of doing what they thought was best.

After a period of shock and grief and family conflicts, Carla pursued a short course in funeral planning…  and became determined to create this workbook for the benefit of anyone in potential, similar situations.

Dad used to say the only things he HAD to do was to pay taxes and die… and that death was the only real guarantee in life. However, there’s a greater possibility your final wishes will be carried out if you record them, plan for them, and share that information with someone you trust to complete the task.

Next Step…

The Funeral Planning Workbook will help to solidify your intentions for your memorial service and any other plans you expect to be honored by your family and friends. It’s never too soon to record your ideas. What a gift to your family!

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