Carla's writing projects include:

  • children's fiction, poetry, and prayers
  • memoir, sermons, and presentations
  • spiritual educational curriculum in the New Thought philosophy
  • blogging and website content
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Rev. Dr. Carla Ryan has developed and refined several spiritual courses through the past few years. These courses are accredited as a result of her affiliation to and oversight by Emerson Theological Institute.

Classes are based in the New Thought (Religious Science) philosophy and teachings, and are primarily focused on lessons provided by the Science of Mind textbook by Dr. Ernest Holmes.

Dr. Carla's vision is to present these courses in an online format (webinars) in the future so that students around the globe can participate and learn. Check back for updates or follow THIS LINK for details about future curriculum options.

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Rev. Dr. Carla Ryan is both an ordained Minister of Religious Science as well as an Interfaith Minister, having obtained her credentials and training through Emerson Theological Institute. She recently completed her formal education with a Doctor of Religious Studies and a Doctor of Divinity.

She is an accomplished speaker and topic presenter. She has had the privilege of having founded and served two churches in her career. Dr. Carla is currently developing an independent ministry to serve a larger congregation in the world at-large, while also participating in a local New Thought church.

For more about her Minister story, CLICK HERE.​​


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The Ladybug's Tale

The ladybug  is a symbol of "dreams fulfilled."

When you were a kid did you ever make a wish on a ladybug when it landed on you? Did you whisper your dreams about what you wanted to be and do when you grew up?

Dreams come true, my friend, and this symbol is a continual reminder.​ Hence, it is the logo, totem, and tattoo of this evolving and energetic human being.



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