As a teacher, Dr. Carla’s passion is in creating and facilitating spiritually-based workshops and courses that truly allow students to explore the depths of their beliefs and their place in the world… to bring Universal Principles into their lives through practical spirituality and real world applications… to set intentions that are achievable, reachable, possible… and especially to heal any past trauma they may have known.

Her teaching style includes:

  • sharing from her own experiences;
  • listening to the hearts of her students and encouraging them to question everything;
  • offering suggestions for resolutions and possibility-thinking; and
  • providing an atmosphere that is safe for doing all of this.

While Dr. Carla will not “tell you what you should do,” she will gently and respectfully confront your worn-out excuses that help you avoid learning Life’s lessons when they are so generously gifted to everyone. A little discomfort now in exchange for greater understanding and an expanded consciousness later!

Dr. Carla is excited about the expanding possibilities to share Interfaith and New Thought ideas with more students through deeper learning – and – to be available as a teacher and mentor to students on their Spiritual journeys through New Thought education.

New Thought Colorado llc is the formal business name through which Dr. Carla creates curriculum / courses and materials. It is a recognized Colorado for-profit small business entity. While donations are always welcome (see DONATE page) and we appreciate your support, such contributions are not tax-deductible as they would be for a non-profit church or business. Thank you for your radical generosity!