Rev. Dr. Carla Ryan has been studying and living the Science of Mind principles since 1993… and was aware of Divine Guidance and unlimited possibilities long before she knew the terminology of this New Thought philosophy. She is an ordained Religious Science Minister and a practicing Interfaith Minister.

Prior to creating and offering (Science of Mind) courses through her business (New Thought Colorado), Dr. Carla had the privilege of being the senior minister at two Religious Science Churches; one in Parker, CO and the other in Pagosa Springs, CO.

On her journey toward serving in these leadership roles, Dr. Carla pursued her spiritual studies, while at the same time (for several years) working as the Church Administrator for an independent Religious Science church. She has been an active volunteer, employee, board member, and teacher since first discovering the New Thought movement on that first Sunday morning in 1993.

Now based in Grand Junction, Colorado, she continues to do volunteer work with the Grand Valley Interfaith Network (GVIN), as well as two other civic and social organizations. Her continuing interest in Interfaith studies allows her to connect with local faith leaders by focusing on similarities in religions rather than differences.

Dr. Carla’s primary ministry is focused on creating and teaching spiritual courses that truly allow the student to challenge their beliefs. She encourages students to question every assignment and to share their understanding through class discussion,  written homework, or mentoring meetings. Teaching is her passion, especially when it comes to the New Thought philosophy and exploring other faiths.