Teacher & Minister

New Thought Colorado llc is the formal business name through which Dr. Carla creates curriculum/courses and materials. Her focus is on creating and teaching spiritually-based courses that truly allow you to explore the depths of your beliefs and your place in the world… to bring Universal Principles into your life through practical spirituality and real world applications.

The courses (based on the Science of Mind & Spirit philosophy and the teachings of Ernest Holmes, plus other New Thought contemporaries) provide the opportunity for in-depth interactions with the instructor and other students, thereby enriching allĀ  through our shared experiences. We are committed to nurturing mind, body, and soul through spiritual exploration.

Open yourself to the power of transformation. Allow yourself to take this journey toward greater self-awareness and understanding. All you need to do is to stay “open at the top” and be willing to explore a life filled with deeper meaning, love, abundance, peace, and so much more! Join us on this transformative journey.


The courses offered through this site, online, or locally are anchored in the New Thought philosophy and teachings, and based primarily on the Science of Mind textbook. Other materials by various mystic and contemporary authors often find their voices heard through these courses or in stand-alone offerings.

By presenting these New Thought courses in a variety of formats, students have the opportunity to learn in their preferred style and to fully absorb the Universal Principles that are key to a more expanded life and consciousness.

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Rev. Dr. Carla Ryan has been studying and living the Science of Mind principles since 1993… and was aware of Divine Guidance and unlimited possibilities long before she knew the terminology of this New Thought philosophy.

Prior to creating and offering courses through her business, Dr. Carla had the privilege of being the senior minister at two Religious Science Churches; one in Parker, CO and the other in Pagosa Springs, CO.

Now based in Grand Junction, Colorado, Dr. Carla’s primary ministry is focused on creating and teaching Spiritual courses that truly allow the student to explore the depths of their beliefs and their place in the world. She encourages students to question every assignment and to share their understanding through class discussion or written homework. Teaching is her passion, especially when it comes to the New Thought philosophy called Science of Mind.