First Things First

The first days of a new year can stir up so much in one’s psyche. The excitement of something new or starting over or beginnings of various kinds can either bring a person’s mind into focus of what needs to be addressed – or – the excitement can be a distraction. Keeping “First Things First” at the forefront can help you sort out what needs to happen next.

I first started using this slogan as a calming method many years ago. I found myself getting overwhelmed with all my busyness and caretaking activities; things that often were not mine to do. I could waste valuable mental energy planning scenarios, making lists, and not really accomplishing what needed to be done in the moment. By repeating this slogan during times of stress or overwhelm, it helped me regain focus of what was really important to do, see or be in that moment. I could breathe easier, clear my head, and attend to my project or task with efficiency and successful completion. I still use this method today, although much more easily and quickly.

The difference I see now is the types of stirrings that require a “First Things First” practice. Where before my focus was on concerns and what needed to be done for others, now it’s keeping myself from taking on too much at once. As those who know me can attest, I have many interests and a lot of energy! When I get a new idea to pursue, addressing the daily tasks can be a challenge. Like a brand new toy at Christmas, I want to play with the latest gadgets, the new ideas…not the old stuff that’s been around forever.

Yet, it’s the old stuff that has brought me to this point and allows me to appreciate and recognize the new. Awareness grows. Life experiences build wisdom. Beliefs are refined. Knowledge is obtained. Thinking expands. Comfort is found. And another new idea blossoms to stir the excitement again.

I know what it looks like when a chicken is running around with no head. Being overwhelmed can be like that – or worse! There’s a rhythm to life; we know this.  “First Things First” helps keep me in Life’s pulse so I can express to my fullest. It’s my friendly reminder of how to stay in sync with the Universe so that as many as possible of my new ideas can be born in their right time…one year after the next.

Happy New Beginnings!