Driving or Driven?

There is that “thing” in us that pushes us to express life, ever fuller, ever richer. We call it Divine Inspiration, motivation, urge or drive. One name does not fit all, nor does one way apply to how every individual expresses, whether in their career, artistic expression, or even the way they drive a car. My daily commute averages 60-90 minutes each way and exposes me to thousands of drivers. I often wonder if the people “drive” their lives the same way they drive their cars.

My drive to and from work is very calculated and planned, so that I can arrive at my destination in the least amount of time and incident-free. I pay attention to the traffic patterns presented during my commute, the time of day, even the time of month or season; such factors affect the number of cars on the road and the types of drivers, too.

For example, in the morning I stay in the far left lane of the highway until I’m about a mile from my exit. It may not move any faster than the other three lanes, but it’s the most direct and has the least number of drivers coming in and out of it. I’m on a mission: get to work! Also, if I need to suddenly stop, the shoulder is just to the left and I can avoid any rear-end impacts to those in front or behind.

As for my return commute in the evening, the fastest and smoothest-running lane is the one just right of the far left lane. The cars move at a steady pace and the lane seems less congested than the ‘fast’ lane. Again, it usually has the least number of drivers coming in and out of it.

So how do these driving habits relate to the way I express in life? In my career? My hobbies or activities? Maybe you can relate to these comparisons:

  • Have a plan, route or map to the destination. I’ve thought through as much as I can based on present observations and past experiences.
  • Use a signal or directional when making lane changes. I talk about it when I need to make a change in life, too. Admittedly, I’m not the most spontaneous person I know… and certainly not for those things in life that hold significant consequences. Go to a movie at a moment’s notice? Yes. Quit my job without having another lined up? Not any more.
  • Obey all traffic laws and the Laws of the Universe, even when no one is looking. I let people into my lane when they signal such an intention, and if someone wants to pass me in a hurry, I let them go by–and pray for their safety. The Universe keeps perfect score ALL the time, and I want my scorecard balanced and clean.
  • Buckle the seat belt every time I’m in a car and maintain my vehicle regularly. This relates to doing what’s healthy and wise for my body, mind and soul, being proactive in caring for this physical form that carries me through life, slowing down when things get too chaotic, maybe even pulling over or taking a break.
  • Stay aware. I notice when traffic or weather patterns change and I need to adapt. I watch for and avoid careless drivers. Learn and apply new skills. Take a different route or get out of the familiar lane. Sometimes it’s necessary to leave familiar patterns…to experience a new situation. 

That’s how we continue to grow and more fully express life.  LIFE: the gift that keeps on giving!