Creative Intelligence

I’m continually amazed at the way Creation takes form. While I know, with every fiber of my being, that we all have access to this incredible and intelligent Creative Power, I still get giddy when a new (and brilliant!) idea comes to mind. It’s like asking for guidance and then having a special secret revealed to me alone. The best part is that, as I allow an idea to enter my active, receptive consciousness, then decide if I want to act on it, and the more willing I am to open myself to this Creative Intelligence, the greater the flow of ideas that keeps coming to me. There is NO END to this supply!

Therefore, it can be deduced that, if there is no end to this supply of ideas, then the only limiting factor in this equation is me… my openness to receive them or the intelligence to recognize their value; my energy level to pursue them; my aptitude or connections to bring them into form. Me.

Once I recognize this, what do I want to do about it? I believe I have the choice and the responsibility for these gifts, these creative ideas that desire to express through me. Yes, I have free will and can choose on what I will place my attention. Yes, I can choose to express an idea in any number of ways or I can make its journey into form nothing but drudgery and chore, resisting the creative urge that will not be silenced. I may choose how I will express its creation, but its expression will be birthed. Yet I create nothing on my own. I do not even create my next breath – that is done for me, too. There is Divine Life, Spiritual Force, within each of us that supports and guides, inspires and expresses through us in unlimited ways and ideas.

The range of ideas can be anything: learning to play an instrument, having a loving relationship with your spouse or grandchild, designing a product or service that benefits others, providing leadership or support to an organization, writing an essay or a book, planning a special vacation, starting a business, training a pet, advancing your education, or whatever. This, and so much more, are possibilities that exist in Life. A spark of an idea can ignite anytime, anywhere. There is a Divine Intelligence guiding each creative spark. It knows exactly who and what is the proper match to bring that spark into full flame. The ideas can come easily. You must be willing to receive them.

How do you bring ideas into form? One option is to share it, to partner with someone who is better equipped to bring it into form. Another way is to acknowledge the idea, note it, and consider it for creation at another time. My favorite is when I can see the idea – in a split second – from its inception all the way to its complete form and delivery to the world. Those are the ones that produce such energy in my body and mind that the project becomes an obsession until its creation is complete.

Through every step of the process, I pray for God’s guidance and direction, and I listen for the answers. It’s just easier that way. Pray with me: I am open to the Creative Intelligence of Life, of Spirit. I am a receptacle for Divine Inspiration. I feel the power of Creation expressing through me! I know it is for Good and that it is coming from Divine Intelligence. I need not question it. I know this is mine to do. And so it is.