Courses – Overview

What We Teach

The spiritual education program offered by New Thought Colorado and Dr. Carla continues to evolve and grow with the addition and/or modification of electives and advanced courses … delivered by different media options … all of which are designed to support and enhance the student’s journey toward expanded consciousness, and a deeper understanding of the Divine Presence and their own beliefs.

Workshops and courses allow students to participate fully, learn in a caring environment, and grow spiritually in beliefs and consciousness. Transformation on an individual basis can and will transform the planet.

Past courses taught by NTCo

The list of courses shown below has been offered many times in the classroom setting but are subject to change in the future. These courses are now being converted to the Distance Learning and/or online/video conferencing styles of education. Speak with NTCo about your course selection and preferred learning style.


SOM Fundamentals  101

Writing of Holmes  108

Bringing Faith to Life  109

Treatment & Meditation  201

Self-Mastery  202

Exploring Roots of SOM  203

Practitioner I  301

Practitioner II  302

Homiletics Boot Camp  418

Rise & Development of New Thought  PS421

New Thought Re-Imagined PS432 (now part of Emerson’s Distance Learning program)


Abundant Success!  110

Principles of Prosperity  111

Spiritual Economics  211

Think & Grow Rich  311


Intentional Living  106

The Art of Being  107

Healing Power of Forgiveness 205

Exploring Mysticism  307

Masks of Ego. Faces of God.  402