Courses – Overview

What We Teach

New Thought Colorado is proud to be an “affiliated organization” and teaching center under the auspices of Emerson Theological Institute. Each spiritually-based course has been created and tested by experienced minister/instructors, as well as reviewed, approved and accredited through Emerson.

This process allows the student, who wishes to work toward degree programs and/or Religious Science practitioner and ministerial credentials, to do so with confidence in the materials and under the tutelage of a trained and experienced minister/instructor.

These New Thought courses allow students to participate fully, learn in a caring environment, and grow spiritually in beliefs and consciousness. Transformation on an individual basis can and will transform the planet.

This spiritual education program continues to evolve and grow with the addition and/or modification of electives and advanced courses … delivered by different instructors and media options (including independent study) … and all designed to support and enhance the student’s journey toward expanded consciousness, a deeper understanding of the Divine Presence.

Discuss your spiritual education goals with your instructor early in your program. Contact us with any questions you have about the courses or schedule… and to get registered for class. Send us an email today to get started.

Learning Options

Wherever you are on your spiritual path, there are options for being a student with New Thought Colorado. Classes are currently being offered through New Thought Grand Valley, the church organization in which Dr. Carla is part of the leadership.

Here is the current 2020 class / discussion group schedule. CLICK HERE.

OPTION 1:  Join each course session or study group for the soul’s purpose of connecting in community with like-minded spiritual seekers.

  • Bring your books, read the material, participate in discussions, do/don’t do the homework. Your choice.
  • You participate in the course but are not here to obtain credit for degrees or certifications.
  • You attend as often as you can.
  • You pay no set tuition, yet you are willing to donate (love offerings) to offset the costs of class materials.

OPTION 2:  You want to be in class and are studying your way toward an eventual degree in Religious Studies or perhaps certification as a Religious Science Practitioner or Minister.

  • You have a goal and you meet with the Education Director to develop your plan of study. With input from Emerson Institute, and based on any previous educational history or transcripts, we determine what courses are necessary toward your final intention.
  • You attend classes regularly, bring your books, participate in discussions, read the material, do the homework, and confer with the instructor between classes as needed.
  • You are here for community AND to achieve your heart’s desire toward a particular educational goal (degree or certification), while also growing in spiritual understanding.
  • You pay a set tuition based on the semester units assigned to each course. For example, in 2019 tuition was $75/semester unit. (See Registration Form for specific costs of each course.)
  • Your homework is reviewed by the Instructor. You are guided toward success based on your efforts and feedback.

Course Listing


SOM Fundamentals  101
Writing of Holmes  108 (8 wks.)
Bringing Faith to Life  109 (10 wks.)
Treatment & Meditation  201
Self-Mastery  202
Exploring Roots of SOM  203
Practitioner I  301 (30 wks.)
Practitioner II  302 (30 wks.)
Homiletics Boot Camp  418 (6 wks.)
Rise & Development of New Thought  PS421

New Thought Re-Imagined PS432


Abundant Success!  110 (8 wks.)
Principles of Prosperity  111
Spiritual Economics  211
Think & Grow Rich  311


Creating Healthy Boundaries for Life & Freedom  104
5 Love Languages  204 (6 wks.)


Intentional Living  106
The Art of Being  107 (6 wks.)
Healing Power of Forgiveness 205 (6 wks.)
Exploring Mysticism  307
Masks of Ego. Faces of God.  402


Funeral Planning Workshop  W1000
Prayer & Meditation Workshop  W1001

Ancient Worship of the Great Goddess  PS238 (6 wks.)