Course Descriptions


Students are encouraged to review the course descriptions (below).  Contact Dr. Carla at NTCo for in-classroom scheduling information or other questions about the courses.

  • Advanced courses may have pre-requisites.
  • The tuition cost for all courses is calcuated at $75 USD per semester unit.
  • Classes described with a number of weeks refer to an in-classroom schedule for completion.


SOM Fundamentals  101

10 wks—30 class hrs  / 2 semester units

Fundamentals 101 is the entry-level class in the study of the Science of Mind (SOM) and is a pre-requisite to many of the other classes offered. This course offers an overall understanding to Universal Principles, SOM terminology, affirmations, and Spiritual Mind Treatment (5-step prayer process). Completion of Fundamentals 101 allows the student access to 200-level courses and a life-changing perspective.

Classes are experiential-based and varied in nature, with lecture, guided meditations, and exercises to assist students in embracing and incorporating the lessons and readings into practical life.

Required Books for SOM Fundamentals 101:

  • Science of Mind Textbook by Ernest Holmes (the “Definitive Edition”)
  • Living the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes
  • This Thing Called You by Ernest Holmes

 Pre-requisite: None

Writings of Holmes  108

8 wks—16 class hrs / 1 semester unit

This course allows the student to study in-depth several of Holmes’ early books about the Science of Mind philosophy so they can gain a solid understanding of these teachings and learn to apply this “practical mysticism” immediately into their lives.

Required Books for WOH:

  • This Thing Called You by Ernest Holmes
  • Creative Mind by Ernest Holmes
  • Love and Law by Ernest Holmes
  • Basic Ideas of Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes

Pre-requisite: None

Bringing Faith to Life  109

10 wks—25 class hrs / 1.5 semester units

Bringing Faith to Life presents to the beginning student a practical introduction of the Science of Mind principles and how to begin using them immediately to change, improve, and uplift one’s life. It presents the power of prayer, the power of thoughts, and the unfailing Law of Creation as key components to creating and living a blessed life filled with joy, love, peace, and abundance.

Required Books for Bringing Faith to Life:

  • How to Change Your Life by Ernest Holmes
  • Basic Ideas of Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes

Pre-requisite:  None

Treatment & Meditation  201

12 wks + a Saturday Workshop | 30 class hrs / 2 semester units

T&M focuses on the student developing lifetime habits of meditation, mindfulness, and advancing the skills of Spiritual Mind Treatments. Treatment work for oneself is reviewed and strengthened, and students then advance to treating for others. Multi-media presentations are included throughout the course.

Required Books for T&M:

  • Science of Mind Textbook by Ernest Holmes
  • Can We Talk to God? by Ernest Holmes
  • Journey to Awakening by Ram Dass

Pre-requisite: SOM Fundamentals 101

Self-Mastery  202

10 wks—25 class hrs / 1.5 semester units

Self-Mastery focuses on healing the perceived separation between personality and Spirit. Through an active exploration of the creative nature of thoughts and feelings, beliefs and emotions, the students have an opportunity to gain mastery in the art of living as a conscious, intentional being, and to live beyond the human ego.

Required Books for Self-Mastery:

  • Science of Mind Textbook by Ernest Holmes
  • Living the Science of Mind by Ernest Holmes
  • As a Man Thinketh by James Allen

Pre-requisite: SOM Fundamentals 101

Exploring Roots of Religious Science  203

12 wks—30 class hrs / 2 semester units

Exploring Roots brings into sharper focus our grasp of how the seeds of SOM fundamentals were planted in Holmes’ ideas… and the development of the New Thought movement. You will have the opportunity to savor with pure enjoyment the richness of the rational, philosophical, and mystical concepts contributed by our three great writers: Emerson, Hopkins, and Troward.

Required Books for Exploring Roots:

  • Science of Mind Textbook by Ernest Holmes
  • Emerson’s Essays by Ralph Waldo Emerson
  • The Edinburgh & Dore Lectures on Mental Science by Thomas Troward
  • Scientific Christian Mental Practice by Emma Curtis Hopkins

Pre-requisite: SOM Fundamentals 101

Practitioner I   301

30 wks—90 class hrs  / 6 semester units

The first year of the Professional Practitioner studies is devoted to advancing spiritual awareness and expanding the student’s understanding of his/her relation to the universe. It is designed to be whole and complete within itself, preparing the student to live life more fully, whether or not he/she chooses to continue with Practitioner II studies or to license as a Practitioner.

Required Books for PRAC I:

To Be Advised (student required to meet with Education Director prior to enrollment)

Pre-requisite: SOM Fundamentals 101; Treatment and Meditation; Self-Mastery; Exploring Roots

Practitioner II   302

30 wks—90 class hrs  / 6 semester units

The second year of Professional Practitioner studies focuses on the consciousness, the skills, and the responsibilities of this role, as well as the relationship of the Practitioner to the principles we teach, to the client, to the process of healing, to the church, the community, and the world.

Required Books for PRAC II:

To Be Advised (upon completion of Prac I)

Pre-requisite: Practitioner I (301)

Homiletics Boot Camp  418

6 wks—15 class hrs / 1 semester unit

This course is for Practitioner students or those advanced students who are interested in learning the basic methods to construct a New Thought sermon. Students will learn from a variety of sources and consider presentation styles to improve their own. The final project will be the delivery of a 25-minute sermon to a loving audience.

Required Books for Homiletics Boot Camp

  • The Art of Sermon Construction by T.H. Scambler
  • Homiletics Handbook: How to Preach and Teach by Andy Wallace

Pre-requisite: Practitioner II and/or Minister courses

Rise & Development of New Thought  PS421

12 wks—30 class hrs / 2 semester units

This course takes the student deeper into the history (roots) of the New Thought movement and that of American Metaphysical Healing ideas. With origins in the early– to mid-19th century, a long list of influential characters and organizations are revealed. A great course for history buffs!

Required Books for Rise & Development:

  • Spirits in Rebellion by Charles Braden

Pre-requisite: Exploring Roots 203

New Thought Re-Imagined PS432

10 wks—45 class hrs / 3 semester units

This course will penetrate your psyche, pour itself deep into your soul, and liberate your ideas. It provides a contemporary and human perspective into the history of New Thought and its founders (early philosophers), and will likely cause you to rethink how you interpret New Thought as a whole.

Required Books for New Thought Re-Imagined:

  • One Simple Idea by Mitch Horotwitz

(Also offered through Emerson Theological Institute’s Distance Learning Program)


Abundant Success!   110

8 wks—16 class hrs / 1 semester unit

This course will explore the abundance consciousness and principles of yesteryear and today… through the works of Wattles, Goddard, Chopra, and Holmes. What does “success” mean to you? Discover how to apply universal laws and principles to your goals for success and prosperity.

Required Books for Abundant Success:

  • Creative Mind and Success by Ernest Holmes
  • The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success by Deepak Chopra
  • Materials Fee for handouts of other “out of print” readings ($10)

Pre-requisite: None

Principles of Prosperity  111

6 wks—15 class hrs / 1 semester unit

This multi-media, elective course will jump-start your abundance consciousness in many ways. It is based on the book by Edwene Gaines and offers an empowering message about the true meaning of prosperity—helping anyone achieve a life of material and spiritual abundance. The course will also provide students with deeper insight into the messages behind the movie, “The Secret” and the Law of Attraction (to be shown and discussed during classes).

Required Books for POP:

  • The Four Spiritual Laws of Prosperity by Edwene Gaines

Pre-requisite: None

Spiritual Economics  211

8 wks—16 class hrs / 1 semester unit

Based on the classic book by Eric Butterworth, the lessons expand with each reading. Learn how to grow in Spiritual prosperity and financial abundance by applying tried-and-true principles. Explore your beliefs. Share your gratitude. Watch your life change!

Required Books for Spiritual Economics:

  • Spiritual Economics by Eric Butterworth

Pre-requisite: None

Think & Grow Rich  311

12 wks—30 class hrs / 2 semester units

This American classic was published in the same period as the SOM textbook. It includes some of the same universal principles for creating your life and the things in it. Whether it’s your first time delving into this work or your 100th, there’s always something new to discover. A detailed study guide and workbook will be provided, so advance registration is required. A material fee may apply.

Required Books for Think & Grow Rich:

  • Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill

Pre-requisite: familiarity with Abundance Consciousness and the creative power of Belief


Creating Healthy Boundaries for Life & Freedom   104

8 wks—16 class hrs / 1 semester unit

Relationships are beautiful and messy and temporary and long-lasting and so much more! Learning how to create and maintain healthy boundaries provides you with a way to recognize and navigate through all the wants and don’t-wants of your desires when being connected to the people in your life. Whether family, jobs, friends, strangers, dating, or marriage…  This course teaches you to determine what works for you.

Required Books for Healthy Boundaries:

  • Boundaries and Relationships: Knowing, Protecting and Enjoying the Self by Charles L. Whitfield, M.D.

Pre-requisite: None


Intentional Living   106

8 wks—16 class hrs / 1 semester unit

This course offers a way to live with purpose, with intention. Tapping into the wisdom of author Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, students put into practice the SOM teaching that “thoughts create.” And focused thoughts—ones with intention and purpose and power behind them—create faster and more specifically. Learn to be an intentional co-creator with the Divine.

Required Books for Intentional Living:

  • The Power of Intention by Dr. Wayne W. Dyer

Pre-requisite: None

The Art of Being  107

6 wks—15 semester hrs / 1 semester unit

This course will utilize materials and experientials to practice purpose in your life… to enjoy a state of “beingness” rather than constant “doingness.” Each week students will engage in practices of mindfulness. Techniques for slowing down to experience more of life are at the heart of these lessons.

Required Books for Art of Being:

  • The Art of Being by Dennis Merritt Jones (study guide will be provided as well)

Pre-requisite: None

Healing Power of Forgiveness  205

6 wks—15 class hrs / 1 semester unit

New Thought teachers often express that forgiveness work is for yourself—not the other person. Do we believe that? Do issues keep coming up? We are all capable of healing and forgiveness and this course provides reading and exercises to practice it more deeply. Perhaps one of these ways will be what unleashes you from your past hurts.

Required Books for Healthy Boundaries:

  • The Book of Forgiving by Desmond Tutu & Mpho Tutu

Pre-requisite: None

Exploring Mysticism  307

10 wks—30 class hrs / 2 semester units

Emma Curtis Hopkins (ECH) is often referred to as the “teacher of teachers” in the New Thought movement. During her ministry over fifty thousand individuals came to her for instruction, including Ernest Holmes, the Fillmore’s, H. Emilie Cady, and others very much involved in the early years of New Thought. ECH was considered a genuine mystic and she emphasized the mystic experience in all her teachings. Students will compare her intuitive and revolutionary writings with those of other world religions. ..and their own lives.

Required Books for Exploring Mysticism:

  • High Mysticism by Emma Curtis Hopkins
  • The Mysticism of Emma Curtis Hopkins: Vol. 1, Realizing the Christ Within by Ute’ Maria Cedilla
  • The Essential Mystics by Andrew Harvey

Pre-requisite:  SOM Fundamentals 101 and other historical New Thought (e.g., Exploring Roots 203)

Masks of Ego. Faces of God.  402

12 wks—30 class hrs  / 2 semester units

This elective course will both stir and soothe that inquiring part of you… the part that already knows and is ready to awaken and live from a source of authenticity. While this is not a religious class, it is a spiritual one. This is also an opportunity to delve deeply into what drives us to do the things we do (ego/shadow) and to make adjustments to those behaviors that no longer serve us. Multi-media presentations.

Required Books for MOE FOG:

  • A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

Pre-requisite:  SOM Fundamentals 101 or active 12-Step work is required. This course is geared toward the advanced spiritual student.