Here are Carla’s current published books and other works. Also shown are the sources for purchasing them.

As a Writer… Carla has worked on a variety of projects… and continues to do so.

Current published titles include:

“Funeral Planning Workbook” – visit the dedicated website for detailed information (CLICK HERE) or directly to to purchase this practical tool.

Caribou Hunt: The Trip of a Lifetime” by Norm Willis (Carla’s father, now deceased); currently available for purchase through

My Friend, The Bear” (featuring Terrie the Turtle) – an illustrated and rhyming adventure story; currently available for purchase through

Carla’s other “free” time focuses on teaching spiritually-based classes, arts and crafts (sewing and beading), and learning new technical skills on the computer, smart phone or tablet. Yes, she could be considered a bit of a geek – and she’s okay with that.

To stay inspired to write, Carla regularly attends local writing group workshops… and keeps moving forward on various projects such as…

  • blogs
  • children’s fiction and prayers
  • memoir pieces
  • poetry
  • sermons
  • spiritual curriculum in the New Thought philosophy
  • website content
  • workshops

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