Aware of Being Aware

A co-worker once told me, “Once you become aware (spiritually), you can never go back to being UNaware.” It didn’t take long to realize the truth of that statement. As consciousness grows and the mind expands, old ideas can no longer fit into that previous mental mold. The mind has been altered. You can never think the same way again. Expansive thinking at its finest! So what do you do when you just want a break from all that expanded consciousness thinking?

The short answer: not much, too bad, get over it. Truly, your thinking will never be the same again. No more blame or playing the victim…at least, not for very long. No more wishing things would change without you having to get involved or take responsibility – either by personal participation or positive prayer. Once you realize the impact of the Universal Law of Cause and Effect and the power of your thoughts – and have increasing experience using them effectively – it’s nearly impossible to wallow in self-pity with the negative results in your life. This realization can be empowering or intimidating or both!

For you know you have the power within you – always did, always will – to change those situations you would rather not experience any longer. All you need do is “change your thinking…” so you can change the situations over time…Spirit’s time, that is. It can be instant or it can take years. How much energy are you putting into the old paradigm versus the new consciousness? It falls back to you…your thoughts…and being willing to turn over to God what you cannot control.

Is there something you keep experiencing over and over again? Are you getting the same emotional and insane results? The same effects and conditions of the world? Or is the experience slightly different, better than before? What changed…or not?

I’ve had to ask myself these questions several times a day in recent weeks when considering what next direction I want to take for my work. Recent layoffs and the redistribution of workloads has me questioning how much I can continue to take on, if I even want to, and what my options might be if I don’t. Some things I can easily turn over; they’re not in my human realm of control. Other options bring up so much analysis or fear, that I feel paralyzed to make a sane decision. My prayer work is frequent and calming. I’m cautious about which small voice I heed for direction. I take conscious steps in these situations, so I’m making progress…just not as fast as my ego-self prefers. And there’s the challenge… staying securely connected to Spirit so I don’t slip back into old habits.

My consciousness has indeed expanded. My soul-self is evolving. This spiritual life is richer, more supportive, and growing with each challenge. I no longer make decisions or respond in ways as I did in previous decades. I remain vigilant with my spiritual practices. Some days, the emotional turmoil is tearfully painful. I tell myself that the only way to get past the pain is to go through it…to truly resolve this situation so I won’t need to experience it again. That truth gives me hope and a new awareness into the person I’ve become. I will never be the same again.