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The purpose for the Spiritual Spiral newsletter is to provide information that explores Principles of Religious Science (New Thought) and compares them to world religions.


July 1, 2022 – CLICK HERE to view newsletter. Also following are three documents referenced in the newsletter.
  • Spiritual Spiral special attachment [JULY 2022] – PRINCIPLE:  FREEDOM – Essay entitled, “Agreements to Personal Freedom” a talk/sermon for contemplation and discussion. July 2022–Sermon–Agreements to Personal Freedom-Ruiz book
  • Spiritual Spiral special attachment [JULY 2022] – CHILDREN’s WORKSHEET:  “Tigers & Freedom”   July – Spiritual Lessons for Children – Tigers and Freedom
  • Spiritual Spiral special attachment [JULY 2022] – INTERFAITH VOTER GUIDE:  This reflection guide is intended to spur discussion and discernment. Whether you use it at a kitchen table, in a house of worship, at a community forum, or at an event with political candidates, we hope it helps you navigate the urgent moral questions raised by this election.  Click on the link provided to open and/or download the 8-page booklet, including discussion questions for your group and the candidates.  VoterGuide-Interfaith-8pgs-Summer2022