Carla has held many professional titles, most often in the marketing support and communications realm. Her undergraduate degree was in Communication with a focus in Public Relations. She has often been considered a Communication Specialist. Now, other descriptors are Writer, Teacher, and Minister in her evolving life and roles.

As a Writer… she is currently working on several projects.

The “Top 3” are:

  • a Doctoral project (memoir)
  • transcribing a 25-year-old manuscript into digital format (youth mystery book)
  • next up: a book about sacred architecture and rituals and application in the New Thought church

Carla’s “free” time focuses on writing/blogging, teaching spiritually-based classes, and learning new technical skills on the computer, smart phone or tablet. Yes, she could be considered a bit of a geek – and she’s okay with that.

To keep her inspired to write, Carla created and regularly attends a local writing group in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. The name, decided by the group, is W.H.O.O.P.S. (Writing Hands Organization of Pagosa Springs). The group is open to all genres and writing skill levels. It currently meets twice a month and has proved invaluable to many to keep them moving forward on their projects. If you’re in the area, check the local newspaper “calendar” for day and time… and join the group for a meeting and writing exercises.

Whether through this blog or the books and papers she creates, a deeper version of who she is continues to be revealed and shared. The adventure continues!