After 30+ years in the corporate world and upon completion of the necessary studies and certifications, as well as having served for nearly six years as the Church Administrator, in 2010 she became the Senior Minister at a local church revcarlaryan_ord_feb2013in Parker, Colorado. For five years it was her “calling” to be the spiritual leader of that New Thought community. 

Rev. Carla was ordained as a Minister of Religious Science in early 2013. She also holds credentials as an Interfaith Minister, completing studies through Emerson Theological Institute. She maintains a Facebook page (GLOBAL Interfaith Community / GIC) to share Interfaith information and educate students about various world religions. 

gic_color_logo_091314(CLICK HERE to view GIC’s Facebook page.)  

She remains associated with the Emerson Institute as she continues to guide New Thought students through their spiritual studies, much as she was guided more than 20 years ago. As a dedicated Religious Science Teacher and Minister, Rev. Carla continues to design curriculum and ladybug-shadowcourses through her company, Ladybug Ventures LLC. 

In 2015 she and her husband heard a new calling, which moved them to the othpagosavalley_fromwolfcreekpasser side of the state and the San Juan Mountains of Colorado (western slope). They settled in Pagosa Springs, Colorado, buying a small home near a lake and with beautiful mountain views.

After a few months of private time and the unpacking of many, many boxes, Rev. Carla once again heeded Spirit’s intuitive direction. She put a notice in the local newspaper and held a solstice celebration and prayer service in December 2015.

The new community responded in positive and supportive ways. The group continued to grow and a new church formed. Thus, creation_symbol_colorRev. Carla was once again presenting Sunday topics each month, teaching Science of Mind classes and workshops, and providing a positive and welcoming center for a New Thought congregation.

Unexpected health challenges in the high altitude of this area prompted Rev. Carla and her husband to move once again in early 2017 to Grand Junction, Colorado. It is at a much lower elevation and recovery is assured. As there is already a New Thought church in this community, she looks forward to being a supporting member of the church while serving sole practitioners and students in the global community with on-line courses and other resources.

grad-capAs a student herself, she is continuing her studies through Emerson and is currently pursuing a Doctor of Religious Studies degree. It is her intent to complete the degree plan by mid-2017 and graduate that fall.

Becoming a minister in New Thought (Religious Science, Unity, etc.) was not part of her early life plan… but it has become the catalyst for growth, healing, and positive change that her soul yearned for many years ago. Rev. Carla’s willingness to question everything and examine the hard stuff of life until answers or resolutions are found have allowed her to forgive the unforgivable, love where there appears to be none, and focus on the Good that continues to manifest in her life.

Yes, she has a story to tell… and being a Minister is but one chapter of her life.