Our Approach

This website and what it provides is a work of heart (and art). The information continues to evolve, expand, and enlighten... and will likely never be completed.

Carla believes that growth only occurs through constant learning, to be as little children and remain in awe of life and the world. This openness translates to sharing as a teacher, receiving feedback from students, and the cycle continues.

Our Story

Yes, indeed... Carla has a story to tell.
​She and Michael have been happily married since 1995. While this is not their first marriage, it is destined to be her last. Carla simply can't imagine a better life partner than she has with Mike.
After 30+ years in the corporate world and upon completion of the necessary studies and certifications, in 2010 she became the Senior Minister at a local church in Parker, Colorado. For five years it was a "calling" to be the spiritual leader of that community. Then she and her husband heard a new calling. So in 2015 they moved to the other side of the state. After a few months of private time, she once again heeded intuitive direction. (See MINISTER page for more details.) The rest of life now fits neatly around that spiritual direction. (Rev.) Carla claims to be getting better at balance... though she does enjoy working and stays quite active.
Carla and Mike's blended family includes five adult children (all are married or in committed partnerships). All are self-sufficient and responsible adults. All are living in beautiful places throughout the western half of the United States. They are blessed with a total of eight grandchildren, too (so far).
These days Carla enjoys her "free" time writing/blogging, teaching spiritually-based classes, playing with house and yard projects, all kinds of crafts, and learning new technical skills on the computer, smart phone or tablet. Yes, she's a  bit of a self-professed geek - and she's okay with that.
She works from home (online) and provides mentoring support, resources, and spiritual education for New Thought students and study groups.
All of this describes what the world sees of Carla from day to day... writer, teacher, minister, employee, sole entrepreneur, wife, mother, grandmother, and friend. Perhaps you will see something more through these writings. There's always something more... a deeper version of who we are. And the adventure continues!

Meet the Team

Life is full and joyful in the Ryan household. The main residents are:


Rev. Mike Ryan

Husband and #1 Fan

Mike has his own consulting and training business (Rocky Mountain Educational Resources LLC) of multi-value, database software products. He is also a Religious Science minister, as well as a doctoral candidate (Spiritual Studies) with the intention of graduating in the fall of 2017.

Casper & Zoey

Canine team and faithful followers

Both dogs are Carla's constant... constant... companions.
Casper (l) is three years old; Zoey (r) is eight. Both are mixed-breed rescues from a Denver-based Schnauzer group. Casper and Zoey became part of our family on Halloween 2015.

Next Steps...

Are you looking for a guest speaker for your Sunday service or special event? Do you want guidance on how to move your study group forward in growth and energy?

Explore the RESOURCES page and give Rev. Carla a call to discuss your church's or group's needs for these or other ecclesiastical matters. Let's discover what works for your group and how she can support you in those goals.