As a Writer… Carla has worked on a variety of projects… and continues to do so.

  • blogs
  • children’s fiction and prayers
  • memoir pieces
  • poetry
  • sermons
  • spiritual curriculum in the New Thought philosophy
  • website content
  • workshops

Current published titles include:

“Funeral Planning Workbook” – visit the dedicated website for detailed information (CLICK HERE) or directly to Amazon.com to purchase this practical tool.

My Friend, The Bear” (featuring Terrie the Turtle) – an illustrated and rhyming adventure story; currently available for purchase through BLURB.com

Caribou Hunt: The Trip of a Lifetime” by Norm Willis (Carla’s father, now deceased); currently available for purchase through BLURB.com

Carla’s other “free” time focuses on teaching spiritually-based classes, arts and crafts (sewing and beading), and learning new technical skills on the computer, smart phone or tablet. Yes, she could be considered a bit of a geek – and she’s okay with that. To keep her inspired to write, Carla regularly attends local writing group workshops.


Carla Ryan was born in the Midwest, the oldest of five children. Her childhood taught her about taking care of the younger siblings and helping with any animals that found their way to the family home by way of her father’s pocket. Pork Chops the piglet was her favorite childhood pet… and King, their black Labrador.

Her first poem, about kittens, was written at the age of nine. That was followed by essays and stories and more poetry. She learned to read and loved the escape into imaginary worlds. It was there she felt happiest until she discovered the wonder and joy of going to school.


A nineteen-year-old Carla drove across-country to California in 1974, her first solo car trip, to marry for the first time. The marriage only lasted a couple of years, but the painful experiences she endured in that relationship became a powerful, healing memoir 30 years later. Carla’s intention for sharing her story is to help other women (victims of domestic violence) discover the healing power of revealing family secrets, whether through journaling, story writing, or in combination with other forms of recovery.

During her second marriage (in her early thirties), Carla wrote her first mystery novel for middle-grade children. It was stored in an envelope deep inside a box for 25 years before being rediscovered and prepared for publication (in process).

Much of those middle-age years were spent in corporate offices and adult classrooms. Carla pursued her education, moved about until she found Colorado, expanded her work skills, released another marriage, raised her two children, and eventually found contentment in a ministerial career. Everything meshed!

Now in the “third season” of life, Carla is finally settled on the western edge of Colorado with her husband, Mike. They have been married for more than twenty years. Carla simply can’t imagine a better life partner than she has with Mike. Their days are filled with their dogs, friends, volunteer activities, business endeavors, exploring local restaurants, and lots of reading and writing.


Carla has been an avid student her entire life. Her eagerness for advanced education ended for a brief period after high school graduation. However, an interest in home décor prompted her to return to studies and obtain a certificate in Interior Design or any other courses her employers allowed her to take. While it took seventeen years to get her four-year degree, she persisted and eventually graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication with an emphasis in Public Relations. It was validation of the many years she worked in the corporate environment, most often in the marketing and communications realm.

She continued her educational efforts and received a Master of Religious Studies, as well as dual ministerial credentials (Interfaith and Religious Science). Carla’s path  eventually culminated in dual Doctoral degrees (Religious  Studies and Divinity) and becoming an ordained Religious Science minister. For now, her formal education and acquiring more degrees seems to be complete… although seeking knowledge will never end. Her focus has turned to creating and offering spiritual curriculum to be taught via webinar, classroom, or by other ministers.

For more information about the curriculum and courses offered, visit her business site at: http://www.ConsciousLearning.net


Carla and her husband have been blessed with a blended family of five children. All are grown, married, and there are now eight grandchildren to visit and cuddle.

With so much activity and unlimited love, there’s no doubt that the adventures and stories will continue. Through each telling, each revision, a deeper version of Carla’s life will be revealed and shared.